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There are different solutions in the market now with EKG, Blood Pressure, Pulse built in. These solutions provide their information using light frequency. The technology has made great strides and the values are very close to the real value. Unfortunately, no doctor will ever accept these values to issue a diagnosis, in particular the way these can compromise an emergency situation. Blood pressure, heart rate are acceptable but the EKG on the wrist, measured with light frequency is not.When a big company released onto the market their new watch with EKG inside, many cardiologists in the USA have received thousands of calls from fearful patients because the watch told them " you are in danger". We have been working in the Security and monitoring system since 1990. A health monitoring system has to provide, always and everywhere, peace of mind. A good monitoring system should never put the "patient" in danger. Collaboration between our International suppliers and our technical and medical consultancy partners allows us to deliver the first heart attack predictor system and soon we will deploy an Epilepsy seizure predictor.

Our system uses a particularly algorithm that, using the information received from our monitoring watches and devices, allows our customers to provide a specific service able to provide a fast response in case of emergency. The wearable device can be used in hospital monitoring applications so it can guarantee high availability, high reliability, reducing the risk of a false alarm.


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