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It's not always easy for a person (or their carer) to make up their mind to move into a care home. Perhaps they are older and alone or they live with dementia. Perhaps they aren’t older but have other conditions that no longer allow them to live alone. Care Homes provide quality residential, respite and end of life care for older people, including individuals who are living with dementia. When a person moves into a care home, they can still have goals and wishes for their future.

The MAKING POSSIBLE's philosophy is :


To provide quality residential you have to guarantee a resident feels SAFE and PROTECTED. The resident should feel as they would in their own home with their family.

HAI SYSTEM FOR CARE HOME supports these aims. The residents and their family know that someone is always watching out for them. Never alone, always protected.

1) Providing monitoring of a range of health parameters both inside and outside of the care home.
. Pulse
. Blood Pressure
. Glycaemia
. Blood Oxygenation
. Heart Attack predictor

2) Providing a security service, monitoring both inside and outside of care home
. A potential fall
. Their location
. Virtual fence violation for the people with Dementia
. Behavioural analysis
. Direct nurse contact with the patient always and everywhere
. Reminder service for appointments and medicine taking.
Our Project managers can help you to find the right way to help your residents and improving their and your services.


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