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We are Digital Health Assistive Systems Consultants

30 years of knowledge and skills on monitoring systems, digital health assistive systems, security systems, mobile devices, patients needs, allow us to provide the best consultancy and solutions for your digital health Assistive needs


As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or to implement one, we can help you uncover the best technological solution to your toughest business problem. We can help you lead with innovation-inspired technology and agile thinking while also energizing your legacy systems at a pace that’s right for your business. Book an appointment for a free consultation


The rise of consumer-centric health. The shift to value-based delivery models. Solving the twin challenges of high costs and inconsistent quality. Embracing digital health technologies. These are some of the mega-trends driving the future of health care and life sciences. MAKING POSSIBLE collaborates with leaders across the sector to bring bold visions of tomorrow to today’s businesses. Our medical team is there to support you.


MAKING POSSIBLE promotes innovation. We are a Solutions Provider that distributes Certified Digital Mobile Health Assistive Devices. We don't move boxes, we move solutions. Every item is fully supported. Due to our relationships with many international suppliers, we can provide Technical support up to and including Level 3 on their behalf. On request, we can provide also a fully configurable Telecare and Telehealth System Management with Predictor technology. Browse our e-shop or meet our consultants to find the right solution for your needs.


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No one knows your customers and their needs like you. Sometime, your technology is not sufficient to help them. People changes and their needs as well. One time, a SOS button system at home it was sufficient but, maybe, now it is not any more. Vulnerable people needs more protections, more services, more "peace of mind".
Since 1990 we provide monitoring and security system and digital health assistive solutions with new technologies. We made the first SOS mobile monitoring watch 5 years ago when no one knows what was. Mobile SOS button application and his vulnerability it is not a problem for us. Localisation inside and outside a home as well, even when the home is not the base home.

MAKING POSSIBLE people have always anticipated the times. Working together we can develop the best service for your customers.


Our skills on Project management are available for you. Following your needs we can make a project and manage it until his deployment, managing the relationship with stakeholders, local and international suppliers, customers. We can provide many international suppliers contacts


Our staff is composed by medical people as well. We can provide medical support about developing best practice health monitoring system following medical procedures


The technology evolves everyday. Your monitoring system works well but,maybe, you would need to improve it with new services, adding digital health assistive devices, answering customer needs. We can do it. Our team can finds a way to improve your platform


New devices request new configuration and, almost always, a new software implementation. Our engineers can help you to solve every software need,


Do you need to provide new services? New customers to follow, different needs, different services. Making possible can helps you to find the right way, solutions and services to provide to maintain a high level of services and customers satisfaction.


Making Possible is your Consultant on Digital Health Assistive Systems. Our experience on the New Technologies allows us might be. Making Possible is a national representative for advanced solutions of digital health assistive systems and devices as well, providing you the last certified solutions on the health assistive solutions. We have a privilege to have access to the many of the best international suppliers. Working together Making Possible has developed the Heart Attack predictor system available on our HAI System platform.

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Our Team Managers

“Making Possible” was born to develop solutions to protect the people.
The  “Making Possible” team is composed of Engineers and  Doctors that believe in this objective.
Davide Gasparin

CEO of making Possible, Senior Project Manager. Dementia Care Practice Level 3 certified, Expert in Network protocols and Routing protocols, Security network design and CCTV systems. Innovation maker,  emphasising Healthcare solutions, Assistive Technologies, IT, Infrastructure, Network, Physical and Network security. Comprehensive background includes 30 years in project planning and development. His it was the first hybrid CCTV solution with integrated behavioural analysis in the security market. From this, 5 years ago, he developed the first wearable health monitoring solution with a built in mobile SOS button. As of today he developed the integrated heart attack predictor system in the health market.

To book an appointment with him press here

Davide Gasparin

CEO and Senior Project Manager

Pietro Maffei

Degree in Medicine and Surgery (1989), specialization in Internal Medicine (1994) and Cardiology (2002), research doctorate in Clinical Methodology (1999) obtained at the University of Padua. Endocrinologist (since 2007). From 1998 permanent position of 1st level Medical Director - Internal Medicine - at the 3rd Medical Clinic of the Padua Hospital. Highly specialized assignment since 2006 (Diagnostic-therapeutic techniques of neuroendocrinology, rare metabolic endocrine diseases). Member of the teaching board of the Research Doctorate in Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences - address of "Clinical Methodology and Endocrinological Sciences". Since 2002 he is a member of the Board of Directors and of the Scientific Advisory Board of Alström Syndrome International. Founder and member of Alström Europe. Founder and president of ASS.A.I onlus (Alström Italia Syndrome Association).

Pietro Maffei

Medical Consultant

Marco Modesto

Marco began his training in Home Automation in 2003. He used his experience and know-how to find a way to simplify people’s lifestyle.

Expert in Home automation, CSP Crestron Service Provider
Software developer for advanced integration systems on Crestron platform.

Q-SYS LEVEL2 Certification - QSC-QSYS Certification  KNX Partner

Marco Modesto

Home Automation Specialist

Piero De Cassan

Pietro began his training in software development in 1990. He has acquired different specializations on Turbo Pascal OOp, Visual Basic, VBA, SharePoint, Java platform, IBM Lotus Domino, MySql, PHP, C++, C#, Websphere, Android systems.

Pietro has collaborated with Davide since 2009 on significant security and monitoring projects

Piero De Cassan

Software Department Manager

Martyn Hutchinson

Martyn is our 3D project specialist. His experience help us to develop the particular projects where hardware adaptation is requested. Our magnetic rechargeable base for our health watches is one of his development

Martyn Hutchinson

3D Project Specialist

Davide is a tenacious inventor/engineer, who has created inventions from the idea stage through to completion. He would be a valuable asset to any commercial company, especially an engineering company, seeking a project manager.

Lesley Anne Rubenstein-Pessok

Lesley Anne Rubenstein-Pessok

Local & Intl business development services

I was very impressed with the health monitoring watch designed and developed. It has a wide ranging functionality and proved to be effective and reliable on testing.

Claire Aldridge

Claire Aldridge

Carecall Service Manager at Provide

I followed Davide during the HAI project (Telecare and Telehealth system). An expert in technology, he has a thorough knowledge of new developments and is able to convey technical information to customers in an accessible way. With his years of experience, Davide is able to explain solutions clearly to the customer, without using jargon. A good manager of local and foreign suppliers, Davide has demonstrated he has good team management skills.

Sally Anderson-Way

Sally Anderson-Way

Providing Social Media Marketing,

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